Shows and Votey Thing!

Here are some shows, you guys…they start tonight! Oshawa, Toronto, Sarnia.

But first, please take a moment to vote for Joan in the Jack Daniels Supporting Act contest. She is a finalist and if she gets the most votes, she will get a new badly needed guitar amp. The screen cap they chose for her is…special, so we’re just going to run with that. Check it out. Vote it out. You can vote daily on your lap top or desk top. Just not your phone top.


And now, the shows:






It’s Time

The time has finally come. It’s here. Our new EP ‘Woman’ is now, officially, certifiably released!

What started as pre-production sessions in the deep of last winter’s frigid days ends…at the beginning of deep winter’s frigid days. Unless you’re not in Toronto…or most of the States right now. It’s cold, people.

Weather talk aside, we’re very pleased to unleash these songs officially. You can purchase the album through Bandcamp or iTunes. If you live in Thunder Bay, you can purchase it from us personally when we open for The Trews at Crocks on December 5th, OR, if you prefer slightly warmer weather (hopefully), at our album release party in Toronto on December 6th at Cherry Cola’s!


Albums in the Stream

That is what we are, no one in between…

Sorry, got carried away on a smooth Dolly Parton ride…

Anyways, the album is out ON TUESDAY! But in the meantime, the excellent folks at Exclaim are exclusively streaming the EP, because we rely on each other, uh huh.


Hello Again

Welcome to the re-designed website. If it’s your first time joining us, well, then just welcome to the site.

We have to mention the indiegogo campaign – one week left to pre-order the album, as well as order other fun things that are full of fun. Welcome to FUN!